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Description of frames, core, cross banding and finishing
Alamo doors are manufactured with selected timber, from ecologically correct planted and managed forests.

The timber is dried in kilns with rigorous humidity controls and can be installed in the most varied residential or commercial environments, on any doorjamb frame using ordinary hinges and locks.

The frame is finger-jointed made, which ensures better stability. The core is done with treated pinewood and is duly calibrated for a perfect structural base. There is reinforcement for locks on the two sides.

The cross banding is made with rotary cut veneers in special essences for perfect and uniform calibration.

The face veneer utilizes sliced cut veneer from the most diverse species of wood, selected by color and type.

Storage recommendations.
The product must be stored in a clean place, free from sunlight and humidity/high temperatures and warehoused in a horizontal position, on flat level wooden platforms/pallets, which must always have three supports. Furthermore, they must be covered with plastic, or a plastic tarpaulin to avoid the accumulation of dust, cement, whitewash, sand or plaster and the infiltration of sunlight.

Installation recommendations

  • Make sure that the product does not have any problems prior to beginning installation.
  • Hinges: Always use hinges measuring 3.1/2" x 2.1/4", with one halfway up the door and others at 20 cm from the ends of the door and secure with 3.8mm full thread screws.
  • Locks: our doors are made so that locks can be installed on either side. Be careful to ensure that a minimum opening is made for the insertion of the lock.
  • Clearances: We suggest that the door is adjusted on the jambs in such a way as to leave a clearance of 5mm widthwise and approximately 10mm lengthwise (3mm at the top and 7mm at the bottom).
  • Location: the doors must be installed in places, which are protected from the rain and humidity and only once the ambient has been totally closed, (glass placed and openings covered).

Should it be necessary to adjust the door to the jamb, then this must be done in the following way:

  • Width: Maximum of 5mm at each side. Never plane one side only.
  • Length: Maximum of 5mm at each end. Never plane one end only.

Work with the door on a trestle or table for installation and adjust the hinges and locks.

Impermeabilization of the edges and mortises
Clean the places where mortises have been made before impermeabilization. Impermeabilize the borders of all doors with a minimum of two coats of sealer or other recommended product (sides, tops and bottoms) and also the places where mortises have been made for the installation of metallic fixtures. This will avoid the possible deterioration of the door.

If you wish, you can apply a stain for uniformity. Apply at least two coats of sealer for internal ambients and polyurethane varnish for external ambients in accordance with the manufacturer’s indications.

To obtain a better finish increase the number of coats and sand the surface between one coat and another, with 280 or 320 grit sandpaper.

Do not use water-based products for finishing.

* A guarantee is given as of the date of the emission of the sale’s note, on the condition that the warehousing and installation procedures have been followed.

* The Flush Door has been analyzed and approved for NBR 8051 tests — Resistance test to body blow impacts and NBR 8544 — Behavior check of the wood veneer under the action of water. Report E/58.082/98, dated June 1998.

* As a respect to nature and native forests, Alamo doors utilize renewable timber (100% reforested Pinewood and Eucalyptus) on a large scale, principally for solid components (frames and core) which re-affirms our commitment to produce ecologically correct products.


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